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Acupuncture involves inserting very fine needles at specific points in order to restore healthy function and balance to the body. By inserting needles at these specific points, different meridians, or pathways are signaled to send healing information to various organs or tissues in the body. These messages restore the proper flow of energy, or qi, thus allowing the body to repair damage due to illness, trauma, aging or other factors. Acupuncture needles are usually allowed to stay in these points for 20 to 45 minutes, and are often stimulated, or gently rotated to optimally affect the healing qi. The use of acupuncture allows the practitioner to address the root cause of the illness/pain/condition, which creates a balanced healing environment .
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese herbal medicine, like acupuncture, addresses the root cause of illness/pain/disease through the use of non-synthetic, natural substances. Several herbs are combined in a single formula to utilize the synergistic healing potential of these substances. Chinese herbal formulas are extremely safe and effective and can treat patients of any age or condition. Herbal formulas are selected by our nationally board certified (NCCAOM) herbalist based on specific symptoms and signs unique to each patient.
Nutrition Therapy
Proper nutrition is critical for maintaining or restoring proper health of the body. With a BS in nutrition, our practitioner will educate patients on nutrtional reqirements specific to each patients' needs. Without proper nutrtion, the body is unable to effectively heal or reach a state of balance. With all the contradictory and confusing nutrition advice available today, knowing what to eat can often be misunderstood, and may even lead to serious and chronic health problems. Nutrition therapy is part of every patients' healing plan, and can be a stand alone therapy.
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